Thursday 17 November 2011

Marketing your company through Smartphone Apps: EzMobile App Builder

Advertise Your CompanyAdverise

Remember when the rising of the internet meant that every business needed a website to be reputable? The same is going to be said about businesses having a mobile presence now. Get your company out on the mobile market today!

Smartphones are big business with over half of all British people owning a Smartphone. As the modern advertising landscape has changed those haven't innovated have been left behind, and the word on the street and in the hallowed halls of business is :"If your business doesn't have an app on, at the very least, the Iphone, then no-body will know nor care who you are"

Luckily for businesses,big and small, that there are app innovators like who now make creating your own company app simple.

App Creation ToolApp Creation Tool
It only takes minutes to create your Mobile App using our easy four step app builder tool. Simply choose a template and color, upload your company's images, choose how you'd like to interact with your customers and click publish!!

And that's how easy they make it to create an App for your company, but they don't stop there...
Mobile NetworkingSocial Media
Once you have created your mobile app and website, you will also be joining the new craze of mobile marketing. Using our built in Coupon, email, SMS texting, Facebook and Twitter services, you can reach your customers in a new and direct way.
This is company marketing through app innovation as it's meant to be

  • Customers can call directly from the app
  • Receive feedback directly
  • Send Coupons and scheduled notifications
  • Connect clients to your socila networks
  • One touch direction to your company

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