Thursday 17 November 2011

Best games for Xperia Play

So what are the best games for the wonderful d-pad enabled Sony-Ericcson Xperia Play Gaming phone. That's a good question which I certainly hope to answer here-both because I know that you guys are champing at the bit , waiting to find out
 and because I'm also an Xperia Play gamer and would love to get some new games for my phone too!

If you're reading this article then the Xperia Play will probably need no introduction for you- being out in most World Markets since about April, the Android powered Xperia Play has turned smartphone gaming on its head-predominantly for the simple reason that it is not only officially the first Playstation Certified Phone but also because of it's slide out game controller, which is so much sweeter to play with then the normal on screen controls for Smartphones.

When the Xperia Play first emerged it was announced that many developers would be giving it their backing, including of course Sony themselves, who would be periodically releasing Playstation One titles on the Xperia Play. Now over six months on it is apparent that many developers are still backing the Play, with Gameloft and EA being the most prominent. As for Sony themselves there has not been the expected avalanche of Playstation One Titles as was expected but that is really no bad thing as, love the original old school Playstation One games as we do, they are showing their age. As for Gameloft and EA, we will do our best in this article to mention some of their top Xperia Play titles, but for the most up to date I highly recommend paying them a visit directly from your Phone's browser to see what the latest games there are. I will also attempt to review some of these top titles in future articles.

Playstation One Games for the Xperia Play
So what Playstation One games can we find on the play: Crash Bandicoot- The Wrath Of Cortex comes pre-loaded and is still as fun to play now as it was on the original Playstation. It also serves as an introduction to how good the Xperia Play controls are to play these types of frantic Platform Games.

Surprisingly there's very little information to be found on the internet for the Playstation Back Catalogue for Xperia Play, but here's what we do know.

WIPEOUT: The Original Sci-fi racer is available and looks very good.

SYPHON FILTER: The Sneak 'em up that predated Metal Gear Solid is definitely worth a look.

COOLBOARDERS: If frantic and fast snowboarding is your thing.

And not many other worthwhile titles from Playstation's Past to be honest, where are the Metal Gear Solids and Final Fantasies.  Here's some Playstation One titles we would like to see on Xperia Play

EA is one of the major game developers that still continue to support the Xperia Play. Their games however can't be found on the Android market but must be accessed directly from the Xperia Play Browser. At the time of writing four of EA's best games are still available for free and I'm enjoying them immensely.

Deadspace for Xperia Play

DEADSPACE: Frantic survival horror set in space, based on the original PS3 and Xbox 360 console versions, this is absolutely awesome and just a little bit scary!

Battlefield bad company 2 BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2: Brilliant FPS that takes full advantage of the Xperia Play's optimised controls.
NEED FOR SPEED SHIFT and NEED FOR SPEED:HOT PURSUIT: I'm loving these two, especially Hot pursuit which gives all the arcade thrills of a top racer and the ability to be either the cop in pursuit or the criminal trying to escape.

And so we move on to Gameloft's games. The developer has been madly popular with mobile gamers for some years and has really backed Xperiam Play to the hilt with some quality games across many different genres.
One of the first that I downloaded was Backstab a brilliant adventure game similar to Tombraider. This was one of the first 'proper' games that I played on the Xperia Play and I still am very impressed by the graphics that the phone is able to process.

Looking for a FPS: NOVA and Brother's in Arms 2
Sacred Odyssey
RPG:Eternal Legacy and Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden
And even what could possibly be the best MMORPG on Xperia Play:

As you can see the list really is quite comprehensive! I'm going to finish off by just sharing some of the other Xperia Play games that I've enjoyed and hope that you'll add to this article by commenting on what you think are the best:
Happy Vikings from Handy Games




Minecraft is unique – a sandboxed building game, based around blocks that encourages creativity in a 3d environment

BlackStar Chronicles


Reckless Racing

EVAC HD (Hexage Ltd)

Read Sony's Blog here, giving occasional updates about the Playstation Phone
And most of all enjoy I look forward to hearing your comments on what you think are the best Xperia Play games.

 Due to this Xperia play Article being so popular amongst Android Gamers we will be updating it very soon with some of the best and greatest games currently available for the Xperia Play. Stay tuned for reviews of Windup Knight for the Playstation Phone, in depth tips on GOF 2 and other games setting the Xperia Play alight in 2012!
NEW XPERIA PLAY GAMES UPDATE: Top Upcoming Games on Xperia Play

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  1. I have plenty of games on my PLAY (including some of what u listed) thanks to the 16GB memory card which came with the phone, but currently I'm playing:-
    -Order & Chaos Online

    soon, I'm planning to get

  2. Awesom having the 16gb memory card isn't it! Shadowgun I've read a lot about and it sounds good, but I'll look up the other games that you mention too. Galaxy On Fire 2 is also now out as an Xperia Play xclusive and is free until Jan 01.

  3. Yeah,Galaxy On Fire 2, I really wanted to try that game but for some reason I'm not able to download the additional 241MB data in my phone, it says "No internet connection could be found".

    I tried with different WIFI hotspots and even 3G connection, I tried to uninstall & re-install the game, and restarting the luck!.

  4. I had the same problem with some other Gameloft titles. Try going to the apps menu on your phone and you said see some left over install info there. Get rid of that and try a re-download. failing that i wrote a post a few months ago about Gameloft refunds that might be able to help. They're quite helpful and usually get back to you in about 5-7 days.

  5. I had problems downloading Galaxy on Fire towards the end of the download. Read somewhere that not letting your phone go into locked mode helps prevent a downloading error. Tried it and it works. I didnt like the game however, kinda cheesy voice acting. And this article is a bit too optimistic about having a
    "comprehensive"list of games. I do love "Blood and Glory" by gameloft, and it's free with pop ups and notifications. It has a longer than average startup time but the graphics are worth it. Asphalt 6 is nice but thats not exclusive to the xperia play. Not sure what games are. I do agree on the games that the author is asking for.

  6. Thanks for the comment anonymous, comprehensive at the time of writing! I keep on add updates to the article as and when more good stuff comes out for the Play. I've dabbled a bit in Blood and Glory too , but it's a bit too similar to Infinity Blade to really make me fall in love with it. I'll do my best to keep you as up to date as possible on Xperia Play games, I love them as much as you do!

    1. Hi, I was the last anonymous, name's JoshY. I didnt mean to try and sound harsh on you. I was probaly just irritated and grumpy from the lack of games and performance of the xperia play. You're right it was comprehensive at the time of writing. Sadly the article could had been written yesterday with almost the exact games mentioned. The article is still very useful and covers most of the good games available. Not enough ported games are available. With the ps vita having such powerful graphics the xperia play looks like it could had tried harder in the hardware department. I dont mean enough hardware to compete with the vita, but at least match the first psp from 2005. I know the lack of money coming fom the xperia play population is probably to blame for the small list of games. I bought the device because it was suppose to be more capable than this. One other huge disappointment was that there arent a few exclusives so I can have more bragging rights. This was my first smartphone but I was hopeing to have more playstation in it. I just hope a new xperia play comes out near my next available upgrade with better hardware, maybe even a great camera. Possibly something like a psp slim attatched with a thin motorola droid razor. Should be possible......p.s. I like how I dnt have to sign up to leave an email and luckily no horrible comments have been made by random people.

    2. Thanks for the comments Josh. Most of the time now I spend more time playing touch screen games on the Xplay, playing Great Little War game ate the moment which is very good. A little bit disappointed with the play as when it was released already dual core phones were coming out. Sony argue that because of the integrated graphic chips it should still outclass these. I think it's got the power to match the first PSP but the dev's need to get on board and bringing out something super. I've had handson with the Vita and to be honest am not that impressed. It's a powerful beast but battery life is weak and even though we were promised Android compatibility it hasn't come with it. Here's the link to the updated Xperia Play post and of course I'll keep updating it. Thanks for being a loyal reader-I've always got free agmes coming in for review and for loyal readers so hang in there and I'll try send some your way-be a follower-just click on the bar on the left and I'll drop you a line next time a free game or other opportunity comes our way( we're always getting lots of promos for Ipad mostly-if you follow Android's rival too!)

    3. Yeah powerful devices have always had difficulty with battery life, since they share the same batteries as weaker devices but require more juice. The best GPU's isn't always required to have great graphics. For example the Kingdom Heart series were always on less powerful devices(DS PS2 and PSP) but looked detailed, nice and smooth, enjoyable. Dual Core might hurt the battery life though. I'm not tech or spec savy so I'm' just guessing.

      Games I've liked include:

      Drag Racing - 2D but fun

      Cordy - + graphics looks beautiful like a mix of Mario Galaxy and Little Big Planet

      Inertia Escape Velocity - + graphics, has won awards and has great reviews

      NFL Pro 2012 - just popped up on my Get Games list a few days ago. Not console HD but still graphically beats Madden that comes with the phone hands down. All Madden ports to handhelds that I've tried are a disgrace to gaming imo. another props to GAMELOFT

      Meteor Storm - simple, 2D, not bad. functional.
      Bunny Maze 3D - Smooth 3D, colorful cartoon slides, simple to play. but enjoyable and acceptable.
      Dead on Arrival - an interesting mix of Dead Ops with a touch of Zombies Mode from ............................Black Ops. Not FPS or HD.

      Onlive - Play console games by streaming videos. Although you need faster connections to enjoy the visuals.

      However I can't say how long these games remain fun.

      P.S. EA games have some great sounding titles, but their website for obtaining these games are horrible. The screenshots are horrible. Don't know whether or not this is to hide the details of how the games look. Oh and no reviews available at all on the game pages. I've tried to play two trials but with no success.

      Asphalt 6 is still the best smooth eye and ear candy. keep it up Gameloft. Sorry if I'm writing too much in the comments section.

    4. Gameloft are definitely proving to be some of my favourites too, they do need to branch out and be a little bit more original though! As for EA still loving Hot Pursuit, but you're very right that there store needs a lot of work appearance wise. I expect more from such a big videogame developer. I loved the addictiveness of Drag Racing but got a little bit bored of it after a month (I'm still trying to make time for G.O.F 2 I think that'll be a great game for longevity). I initially didn't really take to Cordy but will try it again on your recommendation. NFL's great to, now I've just got to get my head around American Football tactics! Talking Football (Soccer if you're from USA!) I think FIFA 2012 is still free for the Xperia Play too. With you mentioning Kingdom Hearts it's made me remember the fun I had downloading and using emulators for the Xperia Play when I first got it. Try Snesnoid and have a look for some other emus (there's even PS1 emulators readily available) Most of these emus can also map buttons to the Play's hardware so it's just like having a handheld Super Nintendo or Sega Mega Drive or whichever emulator you download. As for your comments they are a really valuable asset to the site and well written with lots of gaming knowledge behind them-you'd be more than welcome to join Gametrender as a writer just basd on your awesome comments alone!

    5. I didn't mention emulation because I wasn't sure if that was allowed. I definitely have to recommend Gameboy Advance Emulation on the Xperia Play as a must have for Play owners who are Pokemon fans. (Disclaimer:You must delete ROMS within 24 hours or not have them at all unless you own the original hard copy of a game with that same title). As for PSX and older consoles I do not really like those kind of old beginner level 3D graphics on my Playstation(certified) phone. However, Nintendo 64 had better graphics and has a small but interesting list of games that could be emulated on the Xperia Play. Some of games include:

      Mario Kart 64 -
      Super Mario 64 - I shouldn't have to explain these last two games to long time gamers.
      Kirby - Starts, but I've only tried a minute or two of gameplay
      Pokemon Stadium 2 - Works with a very little lag, but you are stuck with choosing from rental pokemon that come with a set moves that isn't changeable.

      Starfox64 - Possibly my favorite N64 game of all time. This is the only game where I've preferred using the touchpads over the d-pad. (I've only had the phone for almost two months). Beat it once on the phone in the easier of the 3 paths.

      Super Mario 64 and Starfox 64 have been getting recent highlights because of their remakes/ports to the 3DS. Xperia Play owners can now enjoy similar experiences on their phone. Sadly Zelda Ocarina of Time doesn't run smoothly. Sorry

      Just in case I'm not supposed to name the N64 emulator, look up Paul Lamb. He is one of the first, if not the first, to make an emulator that can use the Xperia Play's unique touchpads. He's still working on improving it. It's available on the Android Market which was recently changed to Google "PLAY", (I wonder if there's a connection?) for a dollar donation or FREE from his site. Make sure to get the Xperia Play version if you want to use the touchpads because there is a regular version for just Android.

      The Fun of emulation doesn't stop there. ARCADE EMULATION is also possible. I haven't experimented with many of these but the one I used was taken off the Android Market and the SlideMe Market, but I found it roaming the internet. The name of it contains a certain striped cat. The hard part about finding the ROM was that there are many version of ROMs for each game and some aren't compatible with the emulator. So far I've only gotten

      Marvel Vs. Capcom and another game to work but accidentally deleted it.
      -Gameplay is a bit hard for me to control, but I've never been good at games that require fast reaction anyways.

      Hope that helps someone. ENJOY.

  7. Once again with some awesome comments Josh, you really do know your games. I'm going to look up Paul Lamb and see if I can secure an interview with him for Gametrender. If you've got any questions you'd like to put to him , please let me know. I like the fact that Pokemon is available via emu for limited play (try Monster Galaxy, it's not an exclusive but is giving me some of that Pokemon type collect 'em up fun at the moment) Starfox 64 is also heading for the download list when I have the time. There's some classic 8 -bit emus around for the UK born Spectrum and the Amiga (try Another World-it really is a classic), but every time I download those type of emus for nostalgias sake they don't really live up to expectations. I'm currently finding a lot of fun from OrangePixel games which always seem to have some sort of D-Pad compatability built in-Dynamo Kid works really well with the D-pad controls. Experiment 13 is (was?) quite a good gravity puzzler and of course if you're into RTS action I've yet to find anything come close to Starfront Collision. As always you're proving to be a great help to other gamers Josh and the offer to be a Gametrender writer still stands!

  8. It would be irresponsible for me to know and not state that NFL Pro 2012 sends a notification to your phone just about once a day. This is normal and expected from free apps. However, what isn't normal about the notifications is that each notification activates your notification ringtone/sound more than 2 times really fast. For example 10 pings in 2 seconds. Each ping stops the ping before it from finishing. The pings varies but are all annoying and hard to explain to people when they hear it.


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