Saturday 12 November 2011

My Virtual Girlfriend

-Girlfriend in iphones/Android phones

Going on a trip alone? Want some good company?
Don't worry, android is always there to help you out.
Take your virtual girlfriend with you.

Android phones have taken a step further in the world of augmented reality. They have introduced a new app that allows everyone to have the blissful company of a virtual girlfriend. This app uses the concept of augment reality to convert real surrounding into animation and project it as real life situations.

According to the WSJ article, you head to the Hotel Ohnoya in the resort town of Atami, Japan where men playing this app can check in without discrimination or jokes about their girlfriend not being real. Even iphone has come with an app "My Virtual Girlfriend" that gives the users a feeling of real girlfriend. Other apps like cloud girlfriend can actually leave you a message in facebook or twitter or write on your wall!!!

Although this new concept has raised many eyebrows (and many technocrats dislike the very existence of this idea) , it has given yet another proof of man's ability to break the technological barriers. However, the idea of a girlfriend that runs on power/ battery, and which can go off as soon as power goes might seem ridiculous to many.


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  2. I like it- Its an interesting subject.
    heres a link to the game in itunes:


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