Saturday 12 November 2011

Fruit Blast: IPhone Monkey Mayhem

Beware the monkey

Motion control + Mad pastel fruit action coupled with FPS/ First Person Survivor type gameplay for Iphone, is what this crazed app from LegendaryApp Developers MEDLMOBILE is all about.

Does that make sense? No, well not much about this frantic crazed game FRUITBLAST does! It doesn't need to make sense as there's no time for sense as a lunatic monkey takes you on with a one monkey program of sheer fruit based destruction!

And this fruit ain't the healthy sort as this bad boy monkey is out to squish you good! Your phone's screen gets gooed by the fruit and the more yuck on it , the harder it is to see. So are you going to sit there and take his primate shenanigans?

No! Fight back using an ever varied arsenal and slick iphone accelerometer controls to give that monkey what for. When he throws the occasional squeegee at you to clear your fruit pulped screen is it a fit of kindness? Or is it because he's actually petrified, he's got the melons but boy, oh boy do you have the GUNS!

Download FRUITBLAST now from MEDLMOBILE and save us from this wrathful simian.

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