Saturday 26 November 2011

Online games being ruined by Scrabble Cheat

Social online games for Smartphones such as Scrabble have been on the rise and rise with services like Openfeint making it all too simple to have online leaderboards, high scores and competitiveness between smartphone users around the world. So what is this Scrabble Cheat that I keep hearing about and why should we be concerned.

The World of Pro-gamers is on fire!

Cyber-gaming; pro-gaming; competitive video gaming, call it what you want but in recent years big money and big contests have been held around the world, particularly massive on the Far-East
Yes, this is a videogame contest!

Like all human activities involving money and/or fame there's always the need for those who aren't the best to find devious mains to gain an edge. While massive multi-channel broadcast contests are judged to the max to prevent game cheats , smaller online spheres are less easy to adjudicate. Battlefield; Call of Duty and all the way back to the days of Counterstrike and even games free online, there have always been gamers out there cheating to become the best and ruining the fun of those around them. So as Scrabble Cheats have come to the fore, and lets face it if you're on a mobile phone Scrabble game with a fairly lenient time limit it's not hard to have a laptop next to you running a website that you can quickly plug your letters into to get a maximum scrabble word score. The most popular Iphone word game by far is Zyngas Words with Friends and is loved for its social component. I don't know how the word with friends cheat in scrabble can be prevented but if it could be proved that somebody was cheating an automatic ban should ensue to make sure that this unsporty behaviour doesn't continue.

These are games for girls , boys , men and women and enjoy immense popularity it is a pity that a minority choose to ruin that. The only way that I can see to prevent a scrabble word cheat being used is to impose some sort of ranking for gamers. The more popular a gamer is and the more honest his or her opponents judge them to be then the more they should be given a positive feedback score, This positive feedback will allow people to choose their opponents based on their sportsmanship and can even be carried on as a sort .of Gamertag associated to all their online gaming activites. A Gamer profile will judge achievements as well as sportsmanship.

If a Gamer profile is used not only in Online scrabble games but also in Call of Duty and other online games then people will be more averse to cheating and we will all have that much more fun. 

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  1. Those who cheat are losing out on mental exercise and on the satisfaction of developing their own skills. The best way to stop cheating is to focus people on learning to play the games better. Once you get people hooked on that learning experience, cheating will seem like the bore that it is.


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