Friday 25 November 2011

Which games should I devote my time to Minecraft or Skyrim?

I still haven't bought the Skyrim game yet but have been avidly giving Minecraft a go on my Xperia Play. I'm going to be quite controversial here and say that as far as addicting games, Minecraft just does not do it for me. I'm sure that will generate a bunch of negative comments but that's just how I feel. Let's look a bit deeper into the phenomenon that is Minecraft before I indulge in my fantasies about playing Skyrim on my Xbox 360.

Now I've got to lessen my gaming credentials a bit here and say that I haven't played Minecraft or even any of the Minecraft Mods before on the Pc, my sole experience with Minecraft lies on my Xperia Play. Perhaps it's that I was expecting a different experience on my phone that i didn't enjoy Minecraft so much. It just didn't have the immediate appeal that I thought it would have. I think recently that as far as addicting games and addictive games go the Android market is filled to the brim with them and many of them being designed from the ground up for mobile phones have that instant hook and appeal that sucks you in, albeit with most mobile games for a short rather than sustained duration.

Perhaps on an Android tablet Minecraft would have worked better for me, I just found the interface too stifling.I love openworld type games (GTA San Andreas certainly being up there as one of my favourites) but with Minecraft on Xperia Play the experience just never clicked. I've been reliably informed that if I got seriously involved in Minecraft and logged on to a Minecraft Server to experience the full social aspect of the game that I would have been addicted. However for me the reason that I game on Xperia Play is all the constraints of being an employed, family man with a popular website to run too-I'm time poor. If you're time rich then by all means try Minecraft ; join a Minecraft server and delve into the social aspects, let Gametrender know how you get on and we might adjust this article accordingly.

Now what I've really been waiting for is Skyrim for my XBox 360, but two problems there: one is that my Xbox is recently deceased and needs to be replaced and 2 is that as far as addicting games go Skyrim is one of the most addictive games out there. Despite not playing it I can certainly testify to it since Oblivion took up such a substantial portion of my life! In the meantime while I wait for the right time to buy Skyrim I'll be writing a follow up post to this article to keep my need for Skyrim sated! Also the games Inotia 3 Children of Carnia and Zenonia 3 are helping me keep my open world fun thang going! 

I've just got to add that those of you reading before and saying: " What the heck, he doesn't like Minecraft but loves open world games! What gives!" Well Minecraft is just too open source , whereas Skyrim gives you quests and goals and not just the ability to roam where you want but also scripts adventures for you on the way. Can't wait for Skyrim!


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