Tuesday 1 November 2011

Robo Revenge-Android Action game Reviewed

Hello Gametrender readers! My name is SomeGuy (or Alex), this is my site SomeGuy2U give it a look. Anyway to the main point, Robo Revenge is a rather different game, it's weird enemies and WALL-E reject playable character make the game both funny to play, but also interesting. After playing it for less than 5 minutes I became addicted (and that doesn't happens very often)!
 The boss battles are both challenging and fun, with verity between boss battles. Now at first playing it I thought " only 2 boss types! this should be easy" I was wrong. The bosses friends help out in trying to kill you, and with only 3 lives they succeed.
 The jumping mechanic is both annoying and fun, once you decide your direction and distance for the jump you must accept your fate! Most of the time I'm heading straight towards enemies, frantically shooting at them!
 The only things this game is missing is some music and a slight adjustment to how much money you get for a level, and it would easily be a top seller. Talking about sales, it's free! So download it, it won't cost you anything to give it a go.
 Thanks for reading, and thanks to Gametrender for letting me do the review.


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