Friday 11 November 2011

Save Money with Android/Iphone: The Coupon App

The Coupons App
The Coupons App in Action

One of the best things about having an always connected smartphone is the ability to get relevant information whenever you want. Such as the ability to find money saving discounts when you are out shopping!

There are many shopping apps out there, but The Coupons App  is unmatched for features:

  • Access real-time coupon updates everywhere
  • Use barcode scanner or search by name to find available coupons and deals
  • Share coupons with friends and family via text, e-mail, Facebook, and more
  • Add coupons to your calendar or bookmark them for later
  • Subscribe for VIP services--monthly, yearly, lifetime--for added coupon convenience

The coupon widget will send you daily deals throughout the day....

Shop and compare prices with the barcode scanner...

Find the cheapest gas prices too...

Share your coupons by text, twitter and more spread the love!!

These are real time coupons and daily deals-all you need to do is display the coupon on your phone to the cashier!

I absolutely LOVE the coupon app! I check it daily for the great deals ...

by Caitlin– June 30, 2011
I absolutely LOVE the coupon app! I check it daily for the great deals they offer. Plus, who doesn't love free stuff? droid 2 - Calkazak
Gametrender has shared 'Caitlin's' review here because it's one of over 77,000 reviews for this app! The Coupons App has been downloaded over 5 million times on some stores!

Go out and shop with the peace of mind that you'll be saving mega bucks with The Coupons App for Iphone/Android.

Download Coupons App for Free or Go VIP :
Sign up for VIP treatment--monthly, yearly, or lifetime--for a hassle-free coupon experience. For just pennies a day, you get quick maps and dialing option for each posted coupon, as well as the ability to sort coupons alphabetically, by expiration date, restaurant, and more. Add additional social networking sites, whatever you prefer to make sharing that much easier. Save coupons to your Favorites, and access them immediately when you need to redeem them. This way you never miss out any deals.


  1. Had this app for past year. I concur

  2. Thanks for letting me know about other good stuff!


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