Saturday 12 November 2011

Topo Europe for Ipad- Educational Geography Fun

iPad Screenshot 1It's a very hard thing to do to make an app both educational and fun. But with slick and cute graphics and a fun score based Geography game for Ipad TOPO EUROPE HD pulls it off.


iPad Screenshot 4Topo Europe HD is the best iPad app to practice countries, capitals and large cities in Europe in a fun and educational way!

- All graphics are specifically designed from the ground up for iPad.
- The gameplay is designed for big screens - The map of Europe is viewable in one piece, providing better orientation and no scrolling!

Discover two exciting gamemodes in a variety of levels:

1) Practice
Practice countries, capitals and large cities in the Europe without any time pressure.

2) Timerace
Get on board your airplane and fly to your destination as quickly as possible. Hints are available in every level, but they will cost you valuable time! Can you improve your own highscore?

Topo Europe HD is a fun an educational game for all ages.

Featuring 45 countries and capitals, along with some very nice HD graphics and sound this app will keep young and old enthralled, entertained and Yes, even educated. Improve your child's and your own Geography skills in a unique and fun way.

iPad Screenshots

iPad Screenshot 2iPad Screenshot 3

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