Friday 4 November 2011

UK Business Finding App for Iphone

Bizz Business mobile platform allows your business to be found by nearly 7 million iPhone users across the UK. Consumers and businesses alike will use iBizz to find product and service providers in any given area. This is an absolutely unique platform which will be regarded highly as a fast, convenient and trusted way to find and compare businesses. Do not miss out on this opportunity to increase enquiries as the consumer gradually moves towards new technology to find providers.

Business Version Features:
1. Businesses can publish their services in a self controlled manner without any agent or company intervention.
2. It makes a business mobile and avoid the need to be present at a physical location.
3. Your customers can search and communicate with you wherever you are.
4. You can choose your working hours using inbuilt profile visibility toggle.
5. You can send messages to your customers using inbuilt messaging system.
6. You can contact the other businesses using search facility.
7. No need to keep the application actively running, you will be instantly notified whenever a customer contacts you.

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