Friday 9 December 2011

Android helps you with Plenty of Fish Pickup lines

Gametrender being the decent family website that it is is not going to go into too much detail about Plenty of Fish or the successful Pick Up lines that Android can help you with but is just going to point you in the right direction if that's the online dating services that you want.

Plenty of Fish and other online dating services like OKcupid have of course migrated across to Android Smartphones which with their easy internet connectivity are swift to be able to log on to these online dating sites.

At 32 million users PoF is immensely popular and has a very polished Android Market dating app to accompany its professionalism.The Plenty of Fish App is free like its parent sight and combined with the PoF database is a very good app.

Other apps to try: Surprisingly the popular alternative dating site Singlesnet doesn't have an Android app, but others are well represented:


Match of course needs no introduction being the app for ; Miumeet gives you the option of liveflirt and dating . Many more dating, relationship and hookup apps can be found on the Android Market

Pickup Lines Android App
PickUp Lines
Of course having all this online dating site on your phone and no mojo is not going to do you any good. So you need to arm yourself with some solid pick up lines. This Pickup lines app for Android allows you to scroll through currently popular flirty phrases and even add your own , as well as rating them too so theoretically the cream will rise to the top and everybody using this app will have access to the slickest hookup phrases. Included are funny pickup lines if you're just out for fun, all the way up to serious pick up lines if you mean business!

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