Friday 9 December 2011

Billy and the Snowman - Interactive Christmas Story

I love reading and ever since my little boy has been old enough to follow a story I've tried to read to him at night. But the attention span of a three year old is not the greatest with our reading sessions more often than not becoming "That story" ,"No, that story!" book shuffling sessions with my little one treating his bedtime stories as interactive comic books flipping from page to page to look at pictures he likes. Of course he soon discovered my Smartphone and story time more often than not becomes "falling asleep watching childrens' cartoons on Youtube time"

That is until I discovered " Billy and the Snowman hd"
Created by a team of developers who clearly love what they are doing and enthused  by the idea that reading ; storytelling and technology are a natural match, they have created a beautiful, Christmas themed interactive story .

Billy is lucky enough to have a white Christmas, so of course he builds a Snowman, but where is his nose?
Lovingly told in the form of an interactive story this whimsical rhyming tale is brought to life as children click on the festive characters and objects to make the story come alive. Just what my son needs to inculcate a love of reading and make father/son storytime more enjoyable.
Download Billy and the Snowman from Ever After Publications igniting a passion for Reading in kids with "a Splash of Paint,dash of Magic and a sprinkle of Love"
Merry Christmas 

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