Sunday 4 December 2011

Apps to access Hobby Lobby and crotchett patterns

Linked in with our article on home-made Xmas ornaments we'll try to show you the best Hobby Lobby apps and their ever popular crotchet patterns in this article. Crotchetting is on the rise as a hobby and whether that's linked to the frugality of our modern times or just a seasonal surge as people crotchet their own blankets and bad taste Christmas sweaters is a matter of debate. What isn't a matter of debate though is that people love free things some I'm going to try find you the best apps for free crotchet patterns, whether that be for baby crotchet patterns or if you want to recreate the Sistine Chapel in wool is up to you.

Of course you're going to need supplies for this crotchet craze which is why I've found the supposed crotchet and hobby experts in the form of Hobby Lobby (here's the link to Hobbytown USA if you prefer them) I couldn't find a dedicated Hobby Lobby app so have found you this Hobby Lobby Coupon which you should be able to use on your iPhone:

Now that you're all kitted out with your craft materials it's time to get crotchetting!

If you're a crotchet beginner or expert this app will give you crotchet instructions, symbols, abbrevaitions and yarn numbers. It won't teach you how to do the craft but will certainly help you along once you've learned the basics.

Millions of knitting enthusiasts swear by EASY STITCH  and it has even been featured on Fox National  News and Knitting Today Magazine!

Embroidery and knitting as well as crotchet can all be learned with lots of knitting step by steps and how tos ( and the other stitching types too) Sumptuously illustrated with all the info you need to start and become an expert stitcher.

Looking forward to seeing my Winter Woolies this year!

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