Sunday 4 December 2011

Christmas Crafts and Christmas Ornaments made easy with Android

Christmas ornaments have been adorning shops for many months now it seems, so finally it's our turn to make those Christmas crafts and of course we're going to turn to our Android phones to help us.

No helping app: Craft Fail 1!
It's not just a money saving idea to make homemade ornaments , but as the kids are on holiday crafts for kids should be high on the agenda for spending some good quality craft time with your little ones. I remember back in my school days when it came to this time of year and many a class period was spent making simple Christmas decorations (  Colourful Paper chain doilies? Santa faces on paper plates? Anybody remember those? Santa Claus Decor ?) Well I was thinking how our Smartphones make teachers lives a little bit easier nowadays. Not only do teachers not have to rely on books or printed out instructions from the net to make Crafty decor but now they can simply bring their phones to school, activate the relevant Christmas Craft app and get how to videos, instructions, tutorials and then take it one step further and take pictures of the kids crafts too, whether to print later or even post straight to the schools' website or even the parent's email addresses! 

Craft Fail 2!

Shop Amazon's Gift Cards - Perfect Anytime Nativity Clothespin Xmas Craft

This nativity clothespin Xmas Craft app on Android will use the frugal crafts of household objects to keep you and the kids amused as you craft an entire Nativity Scene using this app.

Everybody Happy. Android
powered crafting
No Android Help Craft Fail

Stockings, ornaments, picture frames, photo ornaments and more from the original wintry wonderland. With 90 colour photos this book available on the Android market will appeal to everyone from kid crafters to experienced hobbyists .

and finally: Simply entitled: CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS

Filled with many great festive season ideas for Android. Amongst other things this festive app Christmas cards, outdoor decorations and the obligatory jolly Christmas tree. 
Let your imagination go wild and inspire the kids. A little boy who likes cars: Nascar Ornaments using his old dinky toys ! Little Girl who's sporty: Instead of a fairy on the tree make a cheerleader ornament ! Have fun


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