Saturday 17 December 2011

Aydox : iPad Maths games become cool and competitive

Aydox : iPad Maths Game

Some things just work. A maths game by itself , perhaps not the most exciting thing in the world. A maths game in which you ferociously compete against an opponent , a lot more exciting. An iPad maths game in which a perfect interface is paired with ferocious and heated matches against Human or A.I opponents? AWESOME.
Sum up that previous sentence in one word:

iPad app with slick user interface
Like Chess this app will stimulate you with some old-time brain training and grip you with its enthralling concept of battling with sums to get the lowest score. A true test of not only your maths skill, but also your ability to stay focused. As under the guise of a maths game Aydox throws strategy, lateral thinking, planning and the need for quick reactions at you. Gain your poise while competing against the iPad and then take your new found skill to the next level by thrashing your friends , family and others with your superior Mathematics ability.

This iPad maths game can be played at all levels. Even as a kids math game Aydox excells as younger players can still use their developing maths skills to play, either against the machine itself ( with a choice of three difficulty levels) or against opponents of their same level. Of course as an adult you'll appreciate the slick interface, beguiling music and edge of your seat tension even more, with a brilliant app that improves math learning and speed and as a clash of wills is a whole lot of fun too!

Aydox unique maths app available for iPad . See developers website for more details : Aydox Game
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  1. This game sucks. The graphics are simplistic and rules are incomprehensible. The developer does not respond to questions from buyers. Do not buy!I'm disappointed.

    1. It's a pity when a studio doesn't follow up their apps with good after care service. The game is. Good idea in principle but definitely needs that loving touch to make it good.

  2. There is even a facebook page and a twitter where the developer has a contest to win an ipad. The contest is over but nobody has won anything! The contest was a scam! The developer did not seem very honest. It would be nice to investigate a little more about him.

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