Friday 16 December 2011

Boxhead the Zombie Wars-Why ILML as an App Reviewer

So let me explain why a cult action game, featuring a Minecraft style (ie Boxy) main character who fights off hoards of Zombies is enough to make me say ILML. 

I love my Life as an app reviewer because of Boxhead the Zombie! That's an awfully bold statement isn't it? 
So what's got me all so excited about John Bambo , the hero of this macabre shooter/defend 'em up tactical game. Well quite simply if MEDLMOBILE had not asked me to review BOXHEAD than I would not have searched out the BoxHead flash game on the internet. I wouldn't have added my 20 rounds or so of play to the 250 million already played and I wouldn't have added my stats to those of the other 25 million players addicted to this game.

So is it really that good? Three hours 'research' playing the Flash game before I jumped on to the iPhone version to find exactly the same manic tactics, more enemies to add to the list of Zombies, such as the nefarious Vampires. Oh, and more maps than the Flash version of Boxhead too. How addictive is this game on iPhone? Well coaxing Zombies down explosive barrel littered gauntlets of my making, whilst wielding a high powered shotgun to mow down the Mummies that made it past my diabolical traps ( oh, and the strategical element of making traps and defenses is purely optional, you can quite happily send the monsters back to Hell by being an out and out Gun Happy player) is so addictive that Skyrim took a back seat last night, in favour of BOXHEAD
And that's why ILML as an App Reviewer, Thanks MedlMobile for pointing me in the direction of this frantic game and uber thanks to Sean Copper for making the original and then beefing it up for the iPhone.

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