Wednesday 21 December 2011

Boy Loves Girl : iPhone Platform Game Love

Boy loves Girl iPhone App

This time of year is all about love and that's what Boy Loves Girl brings us: A whole lotta love. Just released on the iPhone Boy Loves Girl is released by the mad-cap Grubby Hands Studio  responsible for the hit David Haye's Knockout.

This beautiful family platform game of love and collecting cute animals and dashing and jumping and following the girl of your dreams. All in the Name of Love. Is sure to make Christmas even more peachy.

It's rather special and really gives a warm fuzzy feeling, as what could be more rewarding then fighting off the elements over fifty levels whilst catching the elusive stars in the sky, just barely getting your breath back as you're whisked from savannah to desert and other exotic places. All in the name of Love.
A kiss has never been as fun to catch nor an App so charming!
Love all year round, not just for Christmas , by downloading 
Boy Loves Girl for iPhone and iPad
Chase cute animals in BOY LOVES GIRL

Save the Stars Too! What would you do for Love?BOY LOVES GIRL
100 Challenges and many LOVE Bonuses


  1. I just downloaded this, what a lovely game! Thanks for letting me know about it gametrender

  2. It is lovely and sweet isn't it Jen! If you know of any other apps that make you happy then tell us about them and we'll try feature them on Gametrender.


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