Wednesday 21 December 2011

Scribble Press :New Kids Story Creation App for iPad

ScribblePress for iPad , makes Kids creating easy!

When I was a boy the iPad of course was not even imagined, so one of my favourite creative activities was making comics. I was a great fan of British Comics such as Beano,the Eagle Comic and Buster.
As any creative child would I spent hours redrawing the comic strips and adding my own storylines. Later this love of literature led to me becoming a prolific reader, then a teacher and finally an App journalist. Which brings me to the wonderful iPad story creation app for kids: Scribble Press

Kids have always loved to create and with this wonderful story creation app for iPad they have all the tools they could possible need.
  • 50 Unique Story Templates
  • More than 500 easy to use multi-coloured drawing tools
  • Stickers
  • Personalised Photo Library
  • And tools to share your unique creations

Kids can let their imagination run wild on iPad and create any ebook they want. They can also share those stories around the world by uploading to the ScribblePress Server and sharing via Twitter,email and more.

Let your childs creativity go wild with this eBook creation  app which can be downloaded from iTunes.

Gametrender would love to feature your childs iPad creations so if you love the stories they create with ScribblePress please tell us about them in our comments section and we'll feature them in a follow up article. 


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