Thursday 15 December 2011

Charming Children's Picture Book App

Children absolutely love the thrill of fantasy play rides.Every time I go to the local mall my boy knows exactly where the ride on toys are,and hence costs me an absolute fortune!

When I came across "I'm In-Travelling" I was enormously excited for the boys sake (as well as my own, liking the look of all shiny new apps! Kids apps or not!) 

Simply and quickly inserting a photo of your child into the app, they become part of the story and embark on a series of adventures with their Teddy-Bear sidekick (can you spot the bear in his various amusing guises?) 
I'm in-Travelling on Android Market

So now without costing me money at the mall for every ride he wants to go on, my son can jump in a car, tractor and more and set off on a wonderfully soundtracked journey in a very special picture book app. He wants to be an Astronaut and with this childs app he can go to the Moon and back. And you can send an app  postcard to show others of his journey!
Picture of child having app fun
This iPad and iPhone kids app is available on iTunes  "I'm in!-Travelling" and Android doesn' miss out on the fun with their own version of the picture book app
 This charming kids apps is free for a three vehicle lite version. But the app is on Sale now with an in -app purchase of 0.99 cents
Which is about what I'd pay for one kids mall ride! Or the same price for months of children's joy and cultivating a love of stories. I know which I'd get.
Happy Travelling

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