Tuesday 13 December 2011

Famigo Sandbox for Android makes Play safe and saves Money!

Watching a child play in a sandbox is a marvellous thing, safe from all outside that can harm their precious little lives they marvel, frolic and play quite freely. So it should be with all play, especially with that favourite of modern children , the Smartphone. Unfortunately it's not, the always online connected abilities of an Android phone are a great tool and toy for adults, surfing the net and logging on to Facebook and such like, but net predators lurk everywhere and Smartphones are not the safest place for children not even old enough for a Bebo account let alone a Facebook login!
Famigo the family friendly mobile app company is going to make Smartphones safe for Family Play.

The Android market is a marvel with so many free and useful apps, but that freedom comes at a price, so often free apps are loaded with pop-up adverts and links to darker places on the net. Not a problem if you're a responsible adult, but if you're a 'press and poke anything' young explorer you could soon end up in deep, dangerous metaphorical Internet Jungle! (and Not the kind from the 'Jungle Book!'

That's not Daddy's Phone!
My little one is only three so naturally I try to read him bedtime stories. However his attention span lasts for approximately a page and a half of his Storybook . But what does captivate him, like most children his age, are cartoons and games. So to settle him at night he often plays on my Android phone, Youtube being his favourite destination, as well as the occasional game. But being the little explorer he is , at the last count he'd cost me about five pounds and I had about three new apps of a dubious nature on my phone-thanks to some prodding and poking and popup ads!Famigo sums it up quite nicely with their 'in-app purchases blog'.
Essentially what Famigo Sandbox does is prevent this from happening. Log in and the highly brilliant Famigo database checks and approves all child-friendly games from their massive database (however remember the database is subjective so what you might approve might be blocked by the automatic settings). of course you can also add apps you feel appropriate to the list. No more phone calls abroad (Thanks son, when you're old enough that three figure bill will be coming out of your pocket-money). No more dubious ads and nothing to scare your child into not sleeping at night (Boy, oh Boy that was a looong night!)

Not only is a weekly report produced detailing your child's activities but the app can only be exited by the parents logging out. A true sandbox, fun and safe for your child. Oh and did I mention it's free on the Android Market?

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  1. i do live watching child of others to play in a sandbox .lol


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