Saturday 31 December 2011

Compared to Moto-Sike-O ,Car Games on iPad can take a Back Seat!

You never know with iPad Car games what you're going to get it's a constant lottery whether you'll have the next Need For Speed or a videogame equivalent of a child's tricycle. But thanks to our friends at Spinisland we're bringing you news of not a car game , 'cos lets face it there's few unexploited thrills left in that game genre, but of a full throttle no holds barred Bike Racing game for iPad and iPhone, coming soon:
There's no motorcycle helmets needed here and no bearded old Hells-Angels lounging around in bars who want to let it snow as an excuse not to get on their two-wheeled monsters,because they're too scared too actually do some real racing . No!
What Spinisland promise is superb 3D motorcycle graphics, frantic gameplay as slow moving cars and off -road cacti and rocks and more all blur past as you wheelie up to 180 MPH on your bike.
Slick Bike controls promised
What's more is that it is promised that Moto-Sike-O will have slick controls just like a real bike, control your bike's speed by tilting up and down on the iPhone and dodge the cars by tilting left and right.
Join the race next week when this fast paced and psycho bike game is released on to iTunes, get hyped up in the meantime and become a fan of the app on Facebook

Moto-Sike-O coming soon
Realistic 3D graphics that will look even better when you connect your iPad to an HDtv. Oh and did we mention the challenge gets harder the better you are thanks to some cutting edge iOS Ai.
Be very excited for some 2012 Bike Racing Craziness!

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