Friday 30 December 2011

iPad Battleships :WaterWars

It's good to be at the cusp of a New Year, when the traditional boardgames like Battleship can be brought out for family gatherings and we can look forward to the future while playing with our Christmas Toys, especially our iPads if you're lucky to have received one this Christmas. Here's something else to look forward to then:
Water Wars for iPad


We're very excited about this iPad combat game that will play like a real time version of Battleships. Single Player and Multi Player are all promised with Helicopter; Speedboats; BattleShips and Fighter Jets dominating the iPad screen as you and an opponent or the AI go against one other to become the dominant force on screen 

Graphics at this stage are looking very suitable for this type of tablet combat game. With the islands on all the levels looking particularly lush and vibrant. Gameplay wise expect frantic finger swiping to eliminate your opponent  and also make sure to play strategically using the landscape to your advantage to avoid the numerous obstacles abounding.

Check out the Youtube video for this iPad combat game and be very ,very excited. WaterWars is coming soon and if the initial excitement is anything to go by should be very good indeed. 2012 Gaming is looking even sweeter.

Many Thanks to Developer Spinisland for getting us all excited about their new app game.

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