Sunday 11 December 2011

Hotwire Airline Flights from your Smartphone

Too Cheap Flights ?
Recent years have seen a seismic shift in the travel industry , especialy regards Airline Flights and services like Hotwire . It's not all positive changes though as we don't even need to mention the extra security surrounding Airports over the last decade. Positive changes have still kept the price of cheap tickets in reach , not only for so-called traditional cheap airline flights ,but also for what has been traditionally seen as luxury travel services still have the odd bargain to be had.
Two increasingly popular names in the holiday industry that have sprung recently to the publics' attention are Hotwire deal and Priceline . We'll be covering Priceline in a follow up article and seeing how your Smartphone can access Hotwire in this article.

The Hotwire Travel Ticker app is available for both Android and iPhone. What makes the travel app so exciting is that all destiantions are handpicked ; America; Mexico and Carribean Holidays are some of the more popular supported excursions with glorious full color destination pictures to show you your potential getaway.
Alerts for when budget deals come up can be set and the TRAVELTICKER APP also allows you to do the whole transaction securely from your phone.


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