Sunday 11 December 2011

Samsung vs TomTom .Which Gps?

I've had a TomTom One for about three years now and compared to the Shiny new, Samsung Galaxy S II it is looking a little long in the tooth.

Like technology, whether it be a Samsung Phone or a GPS, newer is always better. So when I learnt that I was able to access Google Maps and Navigation on Android I was quite excited. Even though my old portable navigator was quite up to the job. So I played around with the Google Nav for a few days and was quite impressed with it on my old HTC Desire. I especially like the fact that embedded into the maps was the ability to find local places of interest, and that helped me get the kids out for a few day trips to historical sites that I would never have guessed existed.

After a  while though, not having a dedicated mount for the phone that was pretending to be a Sat-Nav I migrated back to the old faithful Tom-Tom. At this point I realised that a lot was missing and I would have to pay to keep the same quality of service that I could get from the Android navigation apps for free. I planned a trip to France and had to pay an extra 30 pounds to download the European TomTom Maps. Also I started to notice road junctions and roadworks that had transformed my normal routes not being included as the map software was over three years old.

So sad to say the Tom Tom Satnav that has probably helped me amass about ten thousand miles of roadtrips is now retired as a slick and fast Samsung Phone running Google Maps is now my GPS of choice. 
Now I only need to figure out how to justify the cost of a new Samsung Galaxy Tab to my wife (a laptop or TV replacement maybe!)

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