Saturday, 3 December 2011

Houses in Skyrim : Guide to buying Fantasy Real Estate

So, looking for a House in Skyrim? Do you think this real estate is covered by Google Real estate and you can swan in with a loan from Prudential and secure the best property in Skyrim? Think again.

Vlindrel Hall-with thanks to SluniverseYou've got to work for where you live in this bleak and hostile land. Dragons on your doorstep?
The powerful Dragons of Skyrim
Expect to remortgage soon. Can't afford the upkeep of your country retreat?
Beautiful Fantasy Landscapes: With thanks to Skyrim-Cover
Then you might want to think of getting a lodger, but be very wary of who you choose to be your roommate.

Some habits are just unacceptable!
Best Fantasy Werewolves ever!
And what about closeness to amenities? Google Maps ain't going to help you out here.
Skyrim Map by Lavanoth on Deviantart
Expansive outdoors of Skyrim
Do you really think that Zillow is going to bump up the price of your manse in a neighbourhood like this?

Immersive Skyrim Lightning
Don't forget the weather. You certainly don't want to move abroad only to find that it rains all year round

Beautiful and unusual Skyrim creatures
Consider your housing needs. If you want to keep pets, for example, make sure you have a large garden in which they can play and frolic freely

When you do tire of the rat race and your sword arm just can't swing any more, than start to think of a nice retirement to a little village somewhere nice...

Where you can indulge your hobbies all day long. Enjoying the country pleasures and leisure activities
Spot of Fantasy Horse Riding?

Could Baird recommend anything as grand?

Virtual fishing or swimming?
Skyrim Wiki will solve it , providing the best real estate deals and info in all the land from the snowy slopes of Riften to the leisurely bays of Solitude: Skyrim Housing Guide
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