Friday 25 November 2011

Skyrim Wiki and advice for playing games on Xbox 360

My Xbox is still broken so Skyrim still remains one of my games for Xbox 360 that desperately needs to be played!So I thought that I would go on to the Skyrim Wiki to prep myself for the eventual  gaming marathon.

The Skyrim 5 map is enormous much more so than the map of oblivion, I had the dubious pleasure of sitting alongside a friend today who was playing Elder Scrolls Skyrim on his PC. I asked him to show the map and it was absolutely enormous, my Xbox 360 had better sort it's ailment out soon or else I might be converting and playing it on ps3!

It's not just me who has become obsessed with Skyrim as the web is absolutely inundated with searches for Skyrimraces ( Aragonian; Breton ; Dark Elf ; High Elf ; Imperial ; Khajit ; Nord ; Orc ; Redguard ; Wood Elf )

Skyrim weapons ( Daedric weapons still come in quite highly recommended ; weapons in  Elder Scrolls fall into three categories: one handed; two handed and archery -hopefully there will be lots of Xbox live Skyrim content to download in the future which will improve even more on an already massive Elder Scrolls weapon selection -it's claimed that with a high sneak skill and a properly smithed Daedric dagger the damage can be 3000! Not sure about that Skyrim weapon fact !)

A little bit of the edge has been taken off of my need to play this addictive game by writing a little bit about it, but I really can't wait to be going around taking down dragons; mammoths and such like , for now I'll spend a bit more of my time boning up on my knowledge using the great Skyrim guide that can be found at Skyrim Wiki

Most Powerful RPG boss ever?

Well hopefully soon I'll be reunited with my Xbox 360 at its best, until then back to gaming on my Android Phone.

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