Sunday 11 December 2011

iPhone Apps for ESPN College Football

ESPN College Football is almost as popular as the big leagues and has always enjoyed an avid following from some very dedicated sports fans. Now with mobile phones and the numerous sports apps that are available following college football live, finding the latest college rankings and more is all too easy.

ESPN Mobile TV: The app promises over 800 live sports events a year. Popular programs such as ESPNews and NBA Fastbreak come with it. Not only ESPN College Football, but also ESPN Basketball and more.

Also from the same developers:
ESPN Scorecenter for iPhone and iPod Touch 
Never miss a sports result again with this personalised app.Touchdowns, baskets, goals and any other type of scoring you care to mention. This app is so pumped full sports goodness with so many stats, leaderboards and summaries that I'll be surprised if it doesn't support Fantasy Baseball too!

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