Sunday 11 December 2011

Apps for Fantasy Football and BCS Rankings

Fantasy Football is coming of age with numerous big names getting behind it, these same big names that help to determine BCS Rankings.
We've already covered Yahoo Fantasy Football in a previous article, and if the hard game is your cup of tea it definitely worth checking out the apps that allow ESPN and Yahoo Fantasy Football such widespread coverage. CBS Fantasy Football is also represented on iPhone with this football app.
Now where the big names of Yahoo; ESPN and CBS fit in with the BCS Bowl Games is of course the awesome coverage that they all provide for the games but in a very round about way YOU as a Fantasy Football Player can determine who plays in the bowl. It's well known that bowl selection is of course from ten of the top ranked teams, but that ranking system, being based on a combiantion of public fan polls and computer ranking is of necessity widely influenced by people's opinions and ideas-that's why your Fantasy Football can influence the BCS rankings.
Customise the app and represent your school team , catch highlights ,weekly news and BCS Predictions and Projections from the likes of Brad Edwards.
Also with integrated twitter feed for ESPN College Football talent (including Bruce Feldman)
Bowl Bound: College Football Rankings and More

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