Thursday 1 December 2011

iTap and Go: Unique fake call on demand

What if I was in a social situation that I wanted to get away from, what could I do?
* Fake a heart attack
*Start a Fire 

But faking a phone call for iPhone has been done and overdone a hundred and more times, so why is Gametrender wasting your time on this?
Because faking an iPhone call has never been done with as much polish and panache as
iTap and Go
It's all in the details: Unless you can mystically predict when you simply MUST get out of a social situation you can't possibly know when to set your phone to ring.-Which is how most amateur wannabee Fake call apps do it -with a pre-programmed timed call. 
Or even worse who exactly are you going to fool by actually fiddling around with your phone and at the precise moment it 'Unexpectedly' rings. They might be boring your pants off, but your party-pooper boring persecuters ain't dim (or at least not that dim we hope!)

Who ya Gonna (not) call?
Enter Urika with iTap and Go
Thanks to a very clever and unique algorithm all you need to do to initiate a fake call is to double-tap. In a pocket, in a hand-bag anywhere this clever mechanism will work. As discreet as you like, boring board meeting? See Ya' later , blind date not a good idea? Ring Ring!!
As seen on Youtube
Built in caller templates;fully customizable and the clever accelerometer that performs all this magic can be adjusted too.

iTap and Go Download-best fake call app 
and now free iTap and Text

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