Tuesday 6 December 2011

Learn about the Moon and Avoid Asteroid Disasters with your Smartphone!

Google Skymap   is normally the extent of peoples' astronomical apps on their phones,but what with lunar eclipses and imminent asteroid disasters of 2012 being trending news iPhone and Android users are starting to become more interested in apps about the cosmos and natural phenomena in the Universe.

One of the easiest apps to find is the Lunar Calendar, which can be useful for a variety of reasons. Within  you're just interested in the Moon  phases or are a Fisherman or even a meteorologist looking for Lunar information then you'll be needing a Lunar App. Try:

3D interactive display of moon phase, angle, rise/set times, & nearest syzygies.
Brilliant 3d simulation of the moon with interactive animations even down to shadows in the lunar craters. Will track your position and show you the moon state from your position and time in the world. A highly interactive Moon Calendar that shows the Moon Phases for any date you put in.

  • Live Wallpaper
  • Share images via Facebook;twitter etc.
  • Rotate the moons image
  • Azimuth;altitude;distance;apogee;perigee;transit and other technical lunar stuff!

And on to more (drumroll please) ominous things...
As a slight Millenium type fever is starting to seque itself into people's psyche with the Predicted Mayan Calendar Disaster of 2012 starting to make its way into the news (now that 11/11/11 was a washout for the doomsayers -see Gametrender's Disaster Avoidance App article) increasingly those looking for a woeful 2012 are starting to speculate how exactly the Ancient Mayan predictions are going to come true. Gametrender is not interested in the veracity of these outlandish claims, but whilst on the subject of Apps about the Universe, we thought we'd cover apps that give information about Asteroids too... After all if a cosmic disaster is likely to happen, the doomsayers would have us believe, than it's likely that some sort of Astral Object will plummet from the Heavens and put paid to Humanitys' Future. After all it happened to the dinosaurs. Will an Asteroid hit Earth? Let's turn to our Android Phones to find out...

Established in the late '90s by NASA to track rogue celestial bodies,asteroids; comets and other wannabee invaders of the Earth's atmospher the NASA Neo (Near Earth Objects) Programme is brought to your Android by Asteroid Tracker helping to track Near Earth Objects

NEO (Near Earth Objects) Droid can help you to plan that picnic or spend the day in the nuclear shelter as you find which asteroids and comets are close , or too close for comfort, to the Earth. Search by asteroid magnitude, closets distance and time.NEO (Near 
ASTEROID DEFENSE:Defend the Planet Earth from an asteroid apocalypse! Tower defense style.
Get your own back on the Asteroids!
Equipped with a tooled up Space Station complete with lasers,blasters,shiled cannons and more now you can not only track incoming comets and rogue Planetary bodies you can blow them out the sky sci-fi style!
Want more? Check out Asteroid Defense 2
Find the devs  on twitter: http://twitter.com/DeonnGames
So be prepared with these handy apps that tracks Asteroids and Comets. Maybe you won't be able to stop the Sky from falling on your head but at least you'll be forewarned!
Infamous Asteroids
Apophis is a near-Earth asteroid that caused panic in December 2004  with a small chance of it obliterating the 

Earth (up to 2.7%) 99942 apophis  In Egyptian myth, Apophis was the ancient spirit of evil and destruction, a demon wanting to bring eternal darkness to the world, the Earth's Nemesis is feared to return  in 2029

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