Tuesday 6 December 2011

Discover the Periodic Table of the Elements on Android

Remembering back to my school days the Periodic Table of the Elements always had a particular fascination. Here was a chart that literally showed the whole building blocks of our universe, every type of atom any untold number of elements in it. All presented in a very nice chart with attractive pictures.

Of course no self -respecting school going child would want to be presented as geeky by having a periodic table on their wall, but guess what? Now that I'm a successful website owner I can damned well have my childhood dream of a periodic table on my wall if I want! But I don't need to as all my Android devices: Phone and Tablets are massively supported with free periodic table apps!

Let's look at some of the best periodic tables for Android. Features you'll need to be looking for are of course the requisite number of elements but also if the app lists the atomic number and atomic mass.

Periodic Table from Socratica 

30 Facts for each element, a very useful audio feature to aid element pronunciation and a quiz feature to enhance your learning. A free periodic table app with an average rating of 4.4

Periodic Droid

A highly customisable table of the elements with lots of useful features for students and just those interested in atoms and molecules. Of note is the fact that the elements can be colour coded according to your preference in the table, a massive list of 55 properties is included for each element including: weight; state; boiling point and a diagram supported crystal structure. A truly magnificent effort at making knowledge of the elements accessible and attractive.

If all this talk of atomic mass and number and crystalline properties of monomolecular elemental constituents is too much for you then just take it down a notch and chill with some elemental orientated games like 

Not sure that elements like Dust, Vampire and nuclear weapons are on the traditional periodic table! But they should be!


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