Monday 5 December 2011

Mapquest on Android with Mapquest Driving Directions

Mapquest is now featured heavily on Android Phones with Mapquest Driving Directions a standard method of navigation for many drivers.

Mapquest itself has been around since 1967, the AOL online web mapping service has always been highly popular especially in USA, now that there are rivals out there like Google Maps ( a strong rival indeed , especially as the Google Maps app and turn by turn navigation are featured free on most new Android phones) Mapquest is still going strong. So lets look at the features of the popular Android app.

Based on all the rave reviews many users actual prefer this Mapquest classic navigation app to Google Nav.
It's free too, without any subscriptions or maps to pay for on download

  • Walking or driving directions and navving
  • Voice-guided navigation
  • 1-click search for points of interest such as shopping or gas-stations
  • Great word search tool
  • Open sourced maps
  • Live traffic and incident coverage continually updated.

Mapquest driving seems to be a hassle free experience with the only negative aspect being reported as a slight lag on older phones, which might be due to network latency anyways. The maps app will provide coverage for other countries than the USA , but having originated there it is unlikely that the map feature set for foreign countries will be as refined. If Google maps quirks aren't to your liking then definitely try Mapquest.

Also worth investigating is the new feature making waves: MAPQUEST VIBE. Giving all the latest navigation and info about the hottest and funkiest places in the area.

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