Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Cool Math Games exercise your brain


With the rise of internet culture rather than actively keep children away from internet games, teachers have embraced new crazes to train the brain like the increasingly popular Cool Math Games.

The human brain likes to play; it's after all how babies learn, copying actions ,laughing, giggling etc. It's taken so many years for institutionalised Education to embrace this but as the internet and Smartphones have taken computing and play into easily accessible realms so the brain game revolution has followed.

Any gamer and indeed anyone exposed to the media will remember Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training 
As time has gone on these mental exercises have increasingly become part of not only our leisure time , but also our education time. Who would have thought that the mathematical gymnastics of something like SUDOKU ( Download Sudoku for Android Free )
would start from a backpage newspaper quiz section curiosity and end up being prevalent everywhere.

The Aforementioned free math games that have been trending recently are spearheaded by the phenomenally popular CoolMath4Kids , of which Bloxorz, a geometrically challenging Block based physics puzzler is one of the most popular. And highly frustrating as I can personally attest! We'll definitely be making our children into mini- Pythagorases with enhanced understanding of spatial geometry with games like these-I spent at least half an hour playing BLOXORZ as part of my research and couldn't get past level two!
Find out about these maths games for kids ( and adults too) at CoolMath4Kids and have a look at their other educational and fun sites too, including Spikes GameZone and Science Monster
Science Monster-CoolMath alt. site
Due to the immense popularity of this educational flash game site it's only a matter of time before CoolMath becomes available on the Android Market, in the meantime this is one of the better educational apps for Android along a similar maths fun based them:

Math Workout Pro . Popular Android Brain Training App


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