Tuesday 13 December 2011

TRUNKY returns with another of his best educational apps

We featured the funky Trunky elephant in a previous article that with another of the best childrens iPad apps "Trunky Learns Letters". The cute educational Elephant now returns with another of his best childrens apps TRUNKY MEMORY GAME which puts the traditional Simon memory game to shame.
Funky Trunky -cute and educational

UpsideDown games have created a character so fun, cute and educational in the form of Trunky. In his latest outing he once again makes iPad kids learning fun with a wonderful twist on the classic memory game.
Game modes include:

  • Pictures
  • Word
  • Number
  • Capital Letters
In the three categories of words, pictures and numbers the children learn by matching the cards. The quicker the better. Parents can also select the order of the game and hand pick a word list for their children to practice.
As in the previous educational apps some thought has gone into Trunky Memory Game  with the word list in particular impressing us with its clever selection of common sight words and words favoured by children.
Of course numbers can be taught with this app too, from 1-20 (match equations to answers and learn Roman Numerals too!)
The kids educational app is free for the first level of cards for all the learning modes and for  more testing levels and larger content we're sure you wont begrudge $1.99 for a great educational app that can grow with your child.

Also learn Arabic letters for children with Trunky being available in Arabic (and Dutch!)

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