Friday, 23 December 2011

TWEENS HD -Frantic iOS Speed Puzzle Piggy Fun

Crazy Fast Pig Action with Tweens!

Get ready for TWEENS. If the pigs in that well known game about birds with attitude were as fast and furious then they would never have had their particular porcine problems. On an iPad or iPhone or even an iPod Touch near you , just listen out for the grunting , squealing farmyard sounds and follow them down to get stuck into a crazily addictive app.

We recommend having about 5 Red Bulls and a couple of Monster Energy Drinks chased down by a couple of coffees as you get into the spirit of pig matching on iOS.

Gameplay is simple as players just have to get the happy porkers together, by drawing paths between them. Later levels aren't as pig -friendly though with rocks, dogs and more stopping your pigs hooking up. What's just so crazy about this frantic touch based gameplay is the sheer speed at which you match the pigs, with the frantic soundtrack the equivalent of Old MacDonald's if it had taken a course of Thrash Metal/Jive Funk and then pumped the BPM up to 180 playing crazily in the background you've just gotta go with your rush and match those PIGS! Rocket Pigs flash across the screen as you connect distant piggy relatives, bomb them pigs away with Porker Bombs and take the gaming to the next level with multiple bonuses. 
So frantic is TWEENS gameplay that I had gameplay advice from the developer to use two fingers to speed up my mad piggy matching.

75 Levels and SuperCute Pig Graphics await, frantically bash through whichever version you buy ,Gametrender recommends the iPad version for the sheer pleasure of playing on a large screen, and be rewarded with Endless Mode for Infinite Pig Action. Come down from your adrenalin rush and play the game in slowtime with the music swapped to ambient to enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature. Because you'll have certainly deserved your break after all this frantic fun!

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