Sunday 25 December 2011


To all our readers: Merry Christmas , if you've wanted a new phone I hope you've got it. If an iPad or an Android Tablet has been on your wish list I hope you've been naughty and not nice this year and are reading this site on your new tablet or Smartphone right now.
If you've wanted a game or app for a while I hope that someone has indulged you or you've indulged yourself and gone out and bought it. The Android Market and iTunes has been filled with bargains this Christmas season, and if yoo haven't yet, than treat yourselves and buy that special app or game for Christmas.
If you're one of the many Android and iPhone developers that we've worked with this year I hope that your apps are selling up a storm this year and that Gametrender has helped you to market your apps to the world.
If you're a passing stranger who's just happened to wander across this app site then welcome.
But mostly to one, to all , to everyone :
Have a Merry Android and iPhone Christmas!

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