Tuesday 6 December 2011

Winter Boots on Ebay : Android guide to buying

Winter is firmly upon us and as you'd expect Winter boots are once again in popular demand and Ebay sellers are doing a roaring trade.
We covered the Ebay app in a previous article but felt that due to the cold season upon us and the interest from readers in finding better ways to shop that we should look at how our Android phones can help specialised shopping, such as shopping for boots on Ebay.

If you look at the Ebay app it makes it quite easy to find what you need, whether it be Womens' boots , Cowboy boots, mens footwear or really any other combination you can think of.

However from personal experience if you're going to buy a top quality product such as an Ugg Boot for example even though you might save a substantial amount you need to look carefully at the buyers description and returns policy, especially with footwear and clothing as sizes can differ so widely.

The Online Peer to Peer shopping giant is represented more than adequately by some very clever apps.


The Ebay Fashion App is astounding! Build a wardrobe; try items on virtually; check latest fashion trends both vintage and current.

Style Gallery Check out the latest catwalk crazes and then find cheaper Ebay equivalents.

eBay Fashion Vault: Desirable Designer Fashion at cheaper online prices

and my favourite

Augmented Reality Shopping!

Try on Sunglasses with the AR app and even see what clothes will look like with this augmented reality Ebay App!

A more than useful app if you're going to be clothes shopping online ; be sure to try the EBAY Fashion app and particularly the Augmented Reality, whether it be for winter boots or Summer sunglasses , could prevent you from making a costly mistake.

And talking of costly remember you can find bargain apps all over the net such as these Ebay coupons.

( If you've had enough of Ebay then also try Zappos which is proving popular with online shoppers this winter.)

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