Tuesday 6 December 2011

Target your best buy next Black Friday

Black friday has come and gone with many retailers hitting their sales target but not every consumer is filled with delight missing out on so many so-called best buys and many feel that bargains have passed them by.

The problem with once-off annual occasions like Black Friday is that if you don't move fast it is so easy to miss the bargains that you want.

To avoid this come next Black Friday or indeed any special shopping occasion such as for example the January and Boxing Day Sales we've sourced some apps that can alert you to upcoming shopping discounts and specials.

Firstly just be aware of the target ads you're likely to find all over the free apps you use nowadays and remember as these targeted ads are from Google they actually might be worth checking out as theoretically they're tailored to your interests.

Making waves now is Kohls using highly targeted marketing to bring in the online customers.

Best Buy is also  doing something similar with interesting Best Buy reward programs  such as the Best Buy Reward Zone

To really stay on top of these myriad online shopping bargains you need an app like 

Find deals and sales of the day from some of the best online retailers such as Amazon gold box deals and Geeks.com

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