Thursday, 19 January 2012

Barbarian the Ultimate Warrior for iPhone

Oh, yes at last the Spectrum Hit made famous by that racy box art that I remember from my pre-teen days is making its way to Iphone. Barbarian the Ultimate Warrior was a brilliant fighting game, involving much hacking and slashing and even some decapitations back in gamings past before Mortal Kombat made blood and gore blase. In fact the Barbarian beheadings on the Amiga are still talked about by wistful, nostalgic gamers today.
Suggestive Barbarian Screenshots!
Anuman Interactive is the French Game Developer responsible for the iPhone remake of Barbarian now know as Barbarian the DeathSword , but despite this retro hack and slash supposedly being released in December last year we have ben unable to find it on the app store yet (current rumours have Barbarian being released early February). Don't worry we're salivating at the prospect of the Hack and Slash Game making a triumphant return to iPhone as much as you are and will keep you informed. In the meantime you'll just have to be satisfied with this Barbarian The Ultimate Warrior (Death Sword) on iPhone Teaser Video and these Barbarian screenshots showing all the mighty hero's enemies including of course Drax, Ragnar and Thulsa (BTW the way did you know the little guy that drags Barbarian's body off was called Serky?)
Barbarians Enemies

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