Thursday 19 January 2012

Ultimate Valentine's Day App: iPhone unveils the mystery of women

Chained by hormones and a rather depressing monthly cycle women are the joy and bane of a man's life. So,you ask, how can my iPhone help me have a good Valentine's Day? What is the ultimate Valentine's Day app for my iPhone? After much thinking and pondering and research we've come up with this app, which must be good because it's one of the only apps that we've seen that's garnered praise from such different press sources as Esquire; The Washington Post;'Glamour' and The Social. So what is
                CODE RED all about then?
Ultimate Valentine's Day App to avoid harm and increase your chances of  love

A tongue in cheek app developed by a husband and wife team, which quite simply tracks a woman's menstruation cycle! Never be caught out again as blind and senseless rages erupt in your household. Know when to hold her hand and when to run like mad! Your iPhone finally reveals all of womenkinds chemical mysteries and makes you know when to don your suit of armour or , ahem, other types of protection.

The app while of course very amusing is well laid out with some quirky and fun animations and alerts for every stage of your lady friends monthly cycle. It gives you advice how to weather the storm of a woman depending on what stage of the month she is at. And of course if you're in the mood to make some more little app lovers than RED ALERT will tell you the best time to go about it. Of course if you don't want to have kids and rather save your money for apps and games then this app will also point you in the right direction as to when to avoid those funtimes.
In a very nice touch the app not only tells you how to survive a woman and her periods but also has linkd to local merchants who can sell you goodies and presents to keep the love of your life placated. So this Valentines Day are you going to approach her with amorous tendencies or is it a better idea to just keep flinging chocolates at her until she's too stuffed to move? Red Alert will give you that Valentine Day Advice!

And some great Valentine's Day News: this APP IS FREE for a limited time DOWNLOAD CODE RED APP FOR FREE as of 19 Jan.

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