Monday, 30 January 2012

Best Travel and Camping App for Smartphones

Described variously as 'The best and most popular Camping App' and 'The best Iphone App for a RoadTrip' after giving  CAMP AND RV  a thorough going over we can only conclude that this travel app is not done any justice by its descriptions that attempt to pigeonhole it as a mere 'camping app' as it is just so much more.

Top Camping App
ALLSTAYS has existed as a travel website for over a decade and is well known for their no compromising attitude of revealing everything about all possible stays. The fact that they are not sponsored by large camping or leisure sites has resulted in them giving a warts and all overview of any possible camping or accomodation in an area WITHOUT FAVOURITISM.
Details about the most basic accomodation to the most luxurious can be found.
The Allstays App is clearly a labour of love that is being continually improved by a dedicated community who clearly loves travel and the great outdoors.

App to find ALL accomodation
However what  impresses most about this crucial travel app is not just the fact that over 20 thousand Campgrounds and other accomodatio in is listed in  the USA and Canada but the app also has an amazing list of filters that list any and every travel need. From amenities to whether an area is pet friendly and a host of other details are listed in the app. Of course don't only expect Campgrounds and Hotels. Even overnight parking and Walmarts with Overnight Parking reports are shown in this app.
If you plan to do any sort of travelling then this true labour of love created by passionate and enthusiastc travellers is an absolute must have.

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