Tuesday 31 January 2012

Facebook for App Marketing

In previous posts in this series we've looked at other ways developers can market their apps. In this post we're going to move on to looking at Facebook as a valid way of advertising. What many ad industry  pundits are saying is that Google even though it still is  the dominant force on the internet ad-industry is not enjoying the stranglehold on our ad bucks that it once did. 
Other relative new comers have been allowed a gap into the advertising market and app developers or anybody else with any sort of net savvy would be silly not to exploit that gap. specifically Facebook, with it's 'Always free' Policy has been making inroads into Google's ad revenues. Actually exploring all the ins and outs of Facebooks advertising policies would take too long for this short blog post-suffice to say that the normal ways of advertising your app are open to you -such as the Pay per View ads and the Pay Per Click Ads. Depending upon budgets as a large generalisation the Pay Per View Facebook ads for advertising your game might not be the best way forward unless you're looking to build brand awareness for a particularly best selling app then pay per click with a link through to Itunes or the Android market might be the best way forward.

Facebook Advertising's Continued Growth
Thankfully advertising your app on Facebook is not at all about spending large amounts of money. Many app developers I know and including game reviewers like myself can attest that paying to market your app on Facebook is probably inferior to having a well connected and liked Facebook page.

Just like we showed previously a way for an app or game to establish legitimacy is to have a presence on Twitter, it thus naturally follows that since Facebook is even more well known and widely used than Twitter that the same principles should apply. So best app marketing advice for Facebook: Unless you're a large iPhone or Android Developer save your marketing money and establish a Facebook page. Encourage interested parties to like your page and respond in kind to their pages. All of these links and likes will increase brand awareness for your app and be infinitely cheaper app advertising than paying  for it.
A good start is to search out GAMETRENDER , like us and we'll like you back on facebook to start you on the road to the videogame, smartphone and app loving community appreciating your app more.


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