Thursday 12 January 2012

Electronic Cigarettes: Why not an Electronic Tobacco Water Pipe!

Gone are the days when you could quite happily smoke anywhere, that's why Electronic Cigarettes and other similar 'healthy' smoking options have become so popular.

Using sheer genius and a lot of creativity the app developers 43 Apps Limited have come up with something better than an electronic cigarette- a Water Pipe for Idevices!

So now you too can quit the bong and give up smoking thanks to your Iphone. Or you could just freak out the neighbourhood Rastafarian or antagonise the local police force. Illegal smoking? Not at all it's only electronic smoking!
Hey Rasta Man , be healthy and try out this electronic Bong!

Actually whether smoking a bong / waterpipe using your Iphone is your thing or not, the smoking app is really well made. You could almost argue that it's the most authentic waterpipe app there is!
All the features you could want from an electronic smoking device:
Realistic breathing and bubbling smoke effects. The phones camera makes the smoking realistic as the background is shown by the camera.The water even moves realistically! With such a well programmed smoking app I think that if 43 Apps ever turn their atttention to other types of apps that their brilliant programming skills will astonish!

So download WATERPIPE today and amuse your friends and stop smoking the fun and easy way! iPhone Smoking be cool , just a little bit crazy but never unhealthy.


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