Friday 13 January 2012

Minecraft Student Review: Reviews from the Classroom Contribution

Insane Minecraft Creation: taj mahal in Minecraft
Views from Gametrender Editor: This brilliant 'Reviews from the Classroom'article is one of Two Complementary Minecraft reviews. We're sure the pupils will appreciate your positive feedback as to which is the best Minecraft Student review.
Minecraft is an amazing game. It is a game where you try to survive by getting wood, building a house, finding diamonds and getting food. It is called Minecraft because you CRAFT a pick-axe to MINE and find ores and diamonds. The crafting recipes are pretty complex, and all the building is done with blocks. Then you fight hostile mobs (creatures) like skeletons, zombies, spiders, endermen, and the dreaded creeper. The skeletons shoot arrows; the zombies attack by hitting you with their arms; the endermen hit you with their very long arms and pick up blocks; the creepers explode when you get too close to them and will take down mass amounts of health and destroy all the blocks in a 10-block wide and 10-block vertical (area). The ultimate goal is to achieve all of the following: build the biggest house, get all the diamonds, become the best farmer and know all about the game.
I like that Minecraft is a combination of different game types all in one simple game. All those different game types -- called sandbox, first person, and third person -- are combined in Minecraft. Another nice feature of Minecraft is that its controls are nice because you don’t have to reach across the keyboard to play the game. The controls are (letters) W, A, S, D to move and left-click (the mouse) to destroy blocks and hit mobs. Right-click (on the mouse) is an interactive tool and you can also place blocks with the right-click. Space (bar) is jump; shift will make you crouch, and control will make you zoom in on things.

Minecraft Block Chart and Tool Guide
The third nice feature of Minecraft is the graphics. The graphics are good, too. Even though the entire game is made of blocks, it still has clear 3D graphics. The color change between biomes is do different that you can’t miss a snow biome, or a swamp biome. You can boost these graphics by downloading graphical modification (mods).
Minecraft, since it is a sandbox game, has no story, but that doesn’t affect anything. I personally suggest Minecraft to everyone because you can learn a lot of stuff and not just educational material. You can have fun with modifying (modding) the game, too, so people should buy the game.
-- Jacob C.
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