Monday 9 January 2012

Instagram out : iPhone Alternate PicYou Photo App in.

Megan Fox Rude Pic? You can only wait
and drool until Ms. Fox chooses

to release another photo using PicYou

Instagram has long been a popular choice for iPhone Photo apps, but recently an alternate photo app has been rearing its ever so pretty filtered head on the net : PicYou is definitely going to change the way we socially share our pictures.

Above the delectable Ms. Fox is presented in all her PicYou glory, is she an advocate of this new and appealing photo sharing app? It certainly seems so as a quick browse of the PicYou Website shows some extremely glamorous and racy photos of Megan Fox uploaded to Megan Fox's Twitter Account using this social picture sharing app's easy interface.
Friends and Famous people's photo

And that is the massive draw card for this iPhone App that alternate photo sharers aren't able to touch: The quick and easy ability to share your favourite photos with your social network accounts. Quick upload to Twitter and picture upload to Facebook make this app a showboater's dream. 
Nine stunning Photo Filters

Whether you've got a sexy Iphone photo you want to share or a sporty photo to upload the two things that make this app essential are the ability to quickly apply one of the stunning filters and upload your doctored picture to Facebook or Twitter. Unlimited uploads and cloud access are promised so even if you lose your iPhone you will still be able to access your files. View your image feed or those of friends quickly and easily. On first appearances this app seems to be the photo sharing social network equivalent of Facebook. 
With the continued support of the app developers we're sure that PicYou will become a wildly popular Photo app . After all if Megan Fox uses this to take pictures , shouldn't you be considering it too. 
Oh, and by the way , did we mention that this camera enhancing app is free?
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