Monday 9 January 2012

Pokemon White/Black: Most Advanced Pokemon Yet-reviews from the Classroom

Pokemon White/Black
Pokemon White/Black version is the most advanced of the Pokemon games so far, with graphics, sound effects and characters. It’s the most challenging one so far, with a more detailed storyline. It has a whole new set of 150+ new Pokemon in a new region, not counting the other 500+ you can find after beating “story mode.” If you have played a lot of Pokemon games before, the game will not be as challenging, and you could beat “story mode” in around one or two weeks if you play the game a lot. Although, if you are new to Pokemon, you should probably do some researching or be prepared for a fairly long challenge. It’s not a game you can play half-heartedly.

When you start out, you get a choice of three “starter” Pokemon. Each one has its own element: water, fire, or grass. Of course, there are plenty more elements that are either not effective, super effective, or barely effective. Experiment with different types of Pokemon and find out which works best for you. No player takes exactly the same path in the Pokemon series. You adventure through deserts, snowy lands, even underwater, or maybe through time and space itself?

You train your Pokemon, up to six at a time. You battle other trainers to get your Pokemon’s level higher and earn stronger attacks. You can even use Wi-Fi Connection to battle or trade Pokemon with trainers across the world! For longtime Pokemon fans, the game is surprising compared to the other games, with the Pokemon having a little crazier look and names that sometimes don’t make sense, as the older games had more basic Pokemon. But it is nothing unexpected from Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon.

The storyline is more complex. In the older games, the main goal was to earn eight badges from the eight gym leaders scattered across the region. But now there are many more goals: to capture the special legendary Pokemon, sometimes even traveling outside of the region, or using WiFi to connect with other trainers. This makes it harder for new Pokemon fans to understand the game.

Overall, Pokemon Black/White is an amazing game that really stretches your mind. I enjoyed some of the older Pokemon games a little more, but this one was definitely still awesome and fun to play. I would recommend this game to anyone who is willing to take the time. Pokemon is not a game that just anyone could make.

-- Nicole H.

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