Sunday 22 January 2012

iPad App with free Promo: Furball Princess

Here's something different for your iOS device a review for an app with free promo codes! Get them while they're hot! Is Furball Princess any good ?
Epic and Fun iOS storyline
Well here's the catch use one of these promo codes for the free iPad App (actually works on any iOS Device) 
But use the promos quick before they're all gone-all we ask is that you leave a comment below saying whether you think FURBALL PRINCESS is any good or not!
It's also free for a limited time (the promos used to unlock content) and looks pretty sweeet with an epic storyline, numerous evil bosses to fight off and a cute and quirky style that reminds us of the PSP classic Patapon. The game is bright and colourful and with many fun app levels is sure to be a hit. So use the promos to get your free app quickly and be sure to leave your comments on recommending FURBALL PRINCESS to our other readers.
Fun iOS app with limited time Promos : Furball Princess

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