Sunday 22 January 2012

iOS Kids Driving App: Young Kids Switch and Match Driving Fun

Colourful Cars for Kids on iOS :Kids Switcheroo

What is it about cars that so fascinate young kids, and for that matter what is it about iPhones  that fascinate kids too? Combine cars with iPhones and you're on to a sure fire winner for young kids who adore car apps. That's just what Raleigh Green has done with his simple and fun kids app for iPhone;iPod and iTouch: 
                   KIDSSWITCHEROO combining car fun with iPhone brilliance.
Visit Raleigh's Twitter Feed (@kidsswitcheroo) and part of his profile shows that he is not only an app developer but also a 'Dad'. And it shows so much with this driving app with perfect combinations of colours; sounds;music and child friendly car pictures that will delight and entrance your iPhone loving child.

Fantasy Cars on iPhone will delight the Kids
It's a simple app for kids and that's what will make Kidsswitcheroo so appealing for little ones as they amuse with an app that encourages open ended play and is instantly gratifying . Kids will have a great time on this app endlessly swapping colourful backgrounds; cars; trucks and fantasy vehicles . If you like your child to be happy with simple app fun,and want them to develop a vivid,creative imagination while developing their motor skills, than make sure you give KIDSSWITCHEROO a look.

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