Thursday 19 January 2012

iPad Puzzle Fun for Kids

Trunky Puzzles-iPad Kids Puzzle Game
We've covered a few iPad Kids games starring the loveable Elephant, Trunky. Well now Trunky is back in a really cute iPad Kids Puzzle Game: TRUNKY PUZZLES

 The kids app is quite simple which really adds to its appeal, as it is pitched at kids two years and older you don't want an app game to be too daunting! Trunky has really made an impression in his last few game outings on iPad and continues to be a great character for kids to play and interact with.
iPad Kids Puzzle that is both fun
and educational
As far as iOS puzzle games for kids go this is a  really stand out affair with very cute graphics and wonderful environments such as Cake Land and Music Forest that will really appeal to kids sense of play and creation. Puzzles are of course not too difficult and pitched at just the right level for children this age. As usual Upside Down Games adds a little extra by giving the app a few levels that will improve childrens' use of spelling and letters. These little app extras and an adorable main character, in the form of Trunky are more than enough reasons to download this fun puzzle app. However add to this the fact that Trunky Puzzles  is free and you realise that you really need to get this downloaded quickly!

One of the cutest kids puzzle games on iPad with a character that will only become more and more popular. We can't wait to see what Trunky gets up to next!
Many Great Puzzles in this wonderful kids appTrunky Puzzles also supports in -app downloads to access more free kids games on iPad-thanks to Upside Down Games we're able to give free promo codes for this kids app. To get these free app promos comment on this article and contact Gametrender with your email address. We'll give free promos to at least the first 2 comments.

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