Thursday 19 January 2012

Skyrim still has Surprises! A Review from the Classroom

I’ve been playing Skyrim for about a month now, and I still have not unlocked the game’s full potential. Skyrim is an open world, first person, RPG (role playing game) which contains boatloads of compelling story, beautiful environment and creative gameplay. The game takes place in a Medieval land called Skyrim. The land of Skyrim is high north, with snowstorms which can randomly take place at any time, and snow-covered mountains that terrifying Ice Wraiths and Hairy Frost Trolls call home.

Most Destructive Skyrim Ice Spell?
The game was released on November 11, 2011, taking a solid six years to publish, with no sight of an official demo. And now I see why. If Bethesda (the game’s publisher) had decided to release a demo, they would never be able to pack the full game’s potential into a thirty-minute demo. Honestly, I’m surprised they could do as much as they did in the game completely.

I’ll probably be playing this game well into next summer. I’ve honestly had to set time aside for other video games and set an alarm to tell me to go to bed. This game is why I limit myself to one single-player-only game a year, because I sink right into them with no one to remind me that things like sleep and food are important. Skyrim deserves a 10 out of 10, and at $59.99 on the Xbox 360 console, this game is a steal.

-- Will S.

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